''ben jones'' (a.k.a. ''wetyuo'' / member of ''atodaso'', ''p.i.s.s.'' / member of ''twentyfourtyeight'' collective) is a ''i.d.m. / freestyle fusions / ambient / electronic'' artist from ''abbotsford'', british columbia, canada, here presented with an outstanding ''freestyle fusions / i.d.m.'' masterclass called:

01 ''4;20'' (1-track single, unofficial release, 2015)

link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/ne4kxtvqffwhp4k/

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' options.

links to this artist:

* https://www.facebook.com/wetyuo/
* https://www.soundcloud.com/wetyuo
* https://www.wetyuo.bandcamp.com/
* https://www.twentyfourtyeight.bandcamp.com/
* https://www.wetyuo.tumblr.com/
* https://www.youtube.com/user/MrAnonotorious
* https://www.last.fm/music/WETYUO
* https://www.freesound.org/people/WETYUO/
* https://www.looperman.com/users/profile/829878
* https://www.edm.me/music/wetyuo

a reborn alliance

we are starting november with something quite similar to our previous post (or maybe ''morrison's prophecy'') but, on the other hand, something well enough interesting on its own...
''anthony reuben alviso'' (a.k.a. ''a reborn alliance'', ''alvisious disease''), a ''electronic / post-trance / post-industrial / hip-hop / trip-hop / metal'' music maker from ''fresno'', california, u.s., & a most interesting offshoot of todays ''alternative electronic'' scene. he has sent us his story & it would be such a shame not to convey it in its fullness...
''a reborn alliance started in 2007, after my dad had shown me the love/hate relationship that  so strongly want to escape called 'f.l. studio'. until 2013, my previous name was 'alvisious disease'. my music was a mixture 'hip-hop' & 'trance' music then. after i released my first album as 'alvisious disease', i had received a lot of negative feedback. then, in 2012, my best friend, 'caleb', passed away. this was a point in my music where my outlook on everything changed. 'alvisious disease' was over, & i gave up on music. however, because i knew he'd probably break a guitar over my head for giving up, i had to get back into the groove of things. that was when my first album, 'a world demented', was in process. my new band name had to have meaning. a relationship between music & the soul sown back together, a purpose & it's reason brought back to life. two friends, one in spirit, together doing what they loved. 'a reborn alliance'.
as a 'a.r.a.', i've released two albums, 'a world demented', & 'the invisible man', & an e.p. mainly in the genre of 'metal' known as 'trust issues'. i'm currently working on my newest 'metal' album called 'wolves among strangers'.
since i love all music, i don't really have just one influence.
i've never had a show, & even if i did, i'd need an actual band. but my aim for this band is simple: i want to get big of course, but i'm a producer as well. i want to collaborate a lot & i want to do a lot in music. help others make music, have people join me in making music...''
now, we believe, after all of this, it is up to you people to check out this promising young artist... in honor to this we bring you:

01. ''a view to a reborn alliance'' (compilation, e.p., unofficial release, 2015)

link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/x5bz4artddwb5rc/

links to this artist:

* https://www.soundcloud.com/a-reborn-alliance
* https://www.arebornalliance.bandcamp.com/

alternate parallel reality

''sean cooper'' (a.k.a. ''alternate parallel reality'', ''crash symbol'', ''hammerhaus'', ''sean x'' / ex-member of ''boxcar'', ''tainted violets'') is a left-handed, married, middle aged ''electronic / industrial breaks / chemical beats'' musicmaker who lives in ''townsville'', north queensland, australia. he's never been affiliated with any record label or other commercial interest. for this reason, you’re unlikely to see him on ''m.t.v'' or on the cover of ''rolling stone'' any time near soon. his day job helps him resist the temptations of artistic compromise.
sean's been working under the moniker of ''alternate parallel reality'' since 2005. before that he's been known as ''crash symbol'' or ''hammerhaus'', & has released an ''ambient'' album under his own name but also spent three years before that as ''sean x'' writing ''dark techno''.
before solo career ''sean'' has spent years playing guitar & bass in various bands like ''boxcar'' or in his own band, ''tainted violets''.
here's what ''sean'' recently said about himself: ''i’ve been driven to create music my whole life, from garage bands in high school, to bands in my late teens & early twenties that culminated in some degree of commercial success & recognition to where i am now, creating existentialist 'electronica' as 'alternate parallel reality'. in 2014 my contribution to the electronic music scene in my home town 'brisbane' was recognised & chronicled in the excellent 'b.n.e.' book-&-c.d. set, both for my old band 'tainted violets' & for my current work with 'alternate parallel reality'. in addition to being sold online & through great 'brisbane' record stores, this compendium is also available at the 'queensland gallery of modern art' & it's been extremely satisfying to be part of the project.
i’m also a tarot reader. this is something i’ve studied & practiced since i was 15 years old. yes, i’m an atheist & i don’t believe in magic, voodoo, angels, talking to the dead, channeling spirit guides or anything like that. i do, however, view tarot as an excellent tool for development & growth, building intuition, understanding cause & effect, & getting a better sense of how things work''.
either from this or some other side of reality sean's work should be definetely checked out. that's why we are bring to you his most prolific release by now. it's unofficial but well enough awesome:

01. ''a view to alternate parallel reality'' (compilation, unofficial release, 2015)

link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/7qtp8n1syp413r4/

links to this artist:

* https://www.alternateparallelreality.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alternate-Parallel-Reality/21918094344
* https://www.soundcloud.com/alternateparallelreality
* https://www.alternateparallelreality.bandcamp.com
* https://www.youtube.com/user/aprmusic
* https://www.discogs.com/artist/1241440-Alternate-Parallel-Reality


''thomas dinchak'' (a.k.a. ''phortran''), a ''electronic / i.d.m. / future hop / experimental'' musicmaker & a web programmer from ''phoenix'', arizona, u.s., has been around for quite some time. still, after all our efforts to find out something more on him we didn't have any luck so we went to the man himself to tell us something more about his trips & aims. this is what he said:
''i've been into 'i.d.m. / experimental' music since i took drugs as a teenager & listened to 'richard david james' (a.k.a. ''aphex twin'') album. i do a lot of audio-based programming as well, nothing super well known but fun experiments (more info about them here: https://www.github.com/dinchak. i have done some work with the 'monome' community including 'node.js' & processing tutorials recently as well as an application called 'pages' that was once used by 'imogen heap' on the 'david letterman' show. i'm trying to build interfaces that let me compose & perform on the fly, here are some examples: https://www.vimeo.com/87545387, https://www.vimeo.com/34208190. this setup is constantly changing & i've written all the controller software for it''.
we went through his entire discography which spans from around 2002 till now but still we've decided to bring you this. it's unofficial but, by our opinion, it's the best presenter of thomas dinchak's sound career:

01. ''a view to phortran'' (compilation, e.p., unofficial release, 2015)

link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/6laqdjyh62p6hx2/

links to this artist:

* https://www.facebook.com/Phortran
* https://www.soundcloud.com/phortran
* https://www.myspace.com/phortran
* https://www.last.fm/music/phortran
* https://www.github.com/dinchak
* https://www.vimeo.com/user645030
* https://www.phortran.bandcamp.com/
* https://www.discogs.com/artist/phortran


we are entering september with something most interesting for all of you ''i.d.m. / ambient / post-industrial'' fans.
''chris adam'' (a.k.a. ''algernon'') from ''chelmsford'', ''essex'' county, u.k., is a sound artist who was always been fascinated by cosmolgy & space. space interest in conjuction with a degree in physics was a right cornerstone & ispiration point for him to step inside the world of music. he said: ''there's a complex, vibrating pattern to reality &, although the universe might seem chaotic, there is a serene, ambient framework that it all builds from. it is this sense that i try & emulate within my music''.
''roots.stop'' has recognized this, hope you will too...

p.s. give thanks & praises to chris's girlfriend because without her this e.p. would
       never saw the light of the day.

01. ''alien textures'' (e.p., 2015)

link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/2h83ww7704y9297/

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320, kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' options.

links to this artist:

* https://www.soundcloud.com/flowers_for_algernon
* https://www.algernon7.bandcamp.com/


today we are dealing with 19 years old ''electronic'' artist called ''waves'' (real name unknown) from ''brittany'', france, who likes to make music late at night in his shambolic bedroom, mainly influenced by ''trent reznor'', ''james holden'' & ''boards of canada''. ''waves'' is also involved in a ''death metal'' band which still has no name but also likes to make beats for his ''hip-hop'' friends.
at first, ''waves'' started this project with an intent to pay his musical school studies through its work, but that was, of course, just a dream... he said: ''now 'waves' is a sound experiment where i can destroy sound & try effects''. he also said: ''the future album will probably be a remix of my first album, 'noise', which will involve some other musicians. but being impulsive as i am it is possible that i will create another album before that with someone who will take part as a singer on some of the tracks''.
now before all of that you should definitely try out his brand new release, a ''electronic / ambient / post-synthwave'' masterclass called:

01. ''void'' (e.p., 2015)

link: https://www.mediafire.com/download/wt6i96tfsmsmda8/

link to this artist: