oceans in space

who would have guessed, after 2 months of void ''roots.stop'' has came across 2 masterpieces in just 2 days... first ''normalboy'' & now this:
''oceans in space'', a project of a man called ''ben weber'' from ''minneapolis'', minnesota, u.s.. as a project, ''oceans in space'' is best described as ''the deconstruction of stringed instruments by electronic means''. ''oceans'' started as a bass player, creating music in the ''experimental metal'' & fusion genres before discovering the ''chapman stick'', the instrument that would define his existence & shape up the ''oceans in space'' sound. most of his releases involve the ''chapman stick'', played in an extremely non-traditional way over fractured synths & glitched-out beats of ben's own design. he records constantly, taking the stick + electronics formula into genres like ''black metal'', ''grindcore'', ''8-bit electronic'', ''trap'', ''slam'', ''glam'' & even ''pop''.
most of his music has been released by ''scumcom'' netlabel like this masterclass we're presenting to you here - ''femalien predation on mars'', probably one of the 5 most interesting ''i.d.m. / braindance / freestyle fusions / freestyle electronic'' albums of the year.
here's what ''ben'' told us about it:
''this album was inspired by my discovery that mars is inhabited. i learned of this via the research of three chrononauts: andrew basiago, bernard mendez & brett stillings. definitely look them up. i’ve done countless hours of research & this was my way to interpret & reflect what i’ve learned via sound. life on mars does exist, & this album is my way of telling the world.
most of this was created on the ipad with turnado, glitch breaks, tonestack & others. these apps were used to create the synth & drum sounds, over which i used my 8 string n.s. stick to create the guitar, bass & additional synth sounds. those are the main elements. there are some additional hidden things, but it's probably best not to discuss them.''

01. ''femalien predation on mars'' (2015)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8i27ns9cz6ztlzc/

* note: ''roots.stop'' would like to thank ''ryan harrison warnberg'' (a.k.a. ''scum'') of
           ''scumcom'' netlabel for intercession between us & ''ben weber''
           (a.k.a. ''oceans in space'').

links to this artist:

* https://www.linkedin.com/pub/ben-weber/95/ab/945
* https://www.scumcom.bandcamp.com


it's been a while but we're back... we've been searching for the right type of artist for our next post & after almost 2 months of exploration we have finally found someone who coincides with our criterion.
he goes by the name of ''anthony'' but he's also known as ''normalboy'' & also as a member of ''hillsgoteyes'' project (along his friend ''john mcvay'', a.k.a. ''go as death''). originally from ''tucson'', arizona, u.s., ''anthony'' started making music at very amateur level with microsoft sound recorder back in high-school. then started publishing it online in greater frequency using sequencing programs around 2004, although very few of those creations still exist.
his first official release made in 2007 for just 28 days was outstanding ''dead signal'' album, a superb ''post-industrial / i.d.m.'' self-release made way ahead of its space & time. it's one of those albums you didn't know that even exist but as soon as you hear it you'll say - ''how the hell could i miss this...?!''. same goes for other 3 officials: ''works in progress'' (singles collection, 2014, self-released), ''triptych'' (e.p., 2015, self-released), & ''abstracts'' (2015, self-released). it's the materials you just simply have to have stored on your hard-drive, especially if you're a fan of ''i.d.m. / ambient / post-industrial / experimental / synthwave'' type of crossovers.
we were in doubt which one of these masterpieces should we bring you here so we've decided to give you this - a superb piece of ''i.d.m. / post-industrial'', unofficial but stunner it is:

01. ''a view to normalboy'' (e.p., compilation, unofficial release, 2015)

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' options

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q0aoz3vttczahr3/

links to this artist:


zero tep

''kaelin bougneit'' (a.k.a. ''zero tep'', ''d.j. hawken'', ''mad atlantic'', ''psychic sex'' / member of ''contact sports'', ''vincent van dough'' / owner of ''subviolet records'' label) is a versatile & multi-talented producer, sound artist & musician from ''oshkosh'', wisconsin, u.s. over the years he has been involved in many projects either as a solo act or a group member. depending of the pseudonym, his variability & multiplicity of styles are quite something, spanning from ''i.d.m.'', ''glitch hop'' & ''post-dubstep'' to ''punk'', ''rock'', ''hardcore'' & ''powerviolence music''.
from his entire discography we've decided to bring you this - a superb piece of ''i.d.m.'' called:

01. ''synthetic diaspora'' (e.p., 2015)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/pbh835rdocqkrn3/

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' options

links to this artist:

* https://www.subviolet.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/ZeroTep
* https://www.soundcloud.com/zero-tep
* https://www.zerotep.bandcamp.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/psychicsex
* https://www.soundcloud.com/psychicsex
* https://www.psychicsex.bandcamp.com/
* https://www.contactsports.bandcamp.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/madatlantic
* https://www.madatlantic.bandcamp.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/djhawken
* https://www.djhawken.bandcamp.com/
* https://www.soundcloud.com/itsvincentvandough


from the boiling summer of australia to the freezing winter of europe it came, an ''electronica / inditronic / ambient / post-rock / i.d.m. / glitch'' masterpiece called ''embryo from a collapsing star'' e.p., donated by the artist himself - ''bob streckfuss'' (a.k.a. ''0point1'', ''0.1''). even if created where the sunshine & warm weather are nothing but a common thing we take this to be the best winter's electronica-based release &, at the end, surely, one of the best e.p.'s of the year:

01. ''embryo from a collapsing star'' (e.p., 2015)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m5bxsuje7ud046z/

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' options

links to this artist:


costa cadeu

throughout the everyday routine he's a digital designer but when the planets are in a perfect conjuction he becomes ''costa cadeu'', a russian ''electronic'' musician, producer & remixer based in ''санкт-петербург'', российская федерация.
born as ''konstantin kazhev'', ''costa'' is not a trained musician. his first music kicks were made in his early teens along with his long time ally ''nata rudman''. primarly an ''i.d.m.'' artist he is also interested in other genres as well in collaboration with other artists.
under different monikers ''costa'' has produced a dozen of self-released albums & e.p.'s, & he's also a part of a ''synth-pop'' duo called ''r.u.'' (formerly known as ''shadows dream'').
as a remixer he won the ''beatport'' contest with his remix for ''garbage'' & their ''automatic systematic habit''.
in honor to this promising artist we bring you his latest & probably his best release so far:

01. ''tissues'' (e.p., 2015)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g06b6wbd6n3b4r8/

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' formats

links to this artist:

* https://www.facebook.com/iamcostacadeu
* https://www.twitter.com/costacadeu
* https://www.soundcloud.com/costacadeu
* https://www.youtube.com/user/costacadeu
* https://www.costacadeu.bandcamp.com/
* http://www.discogs.com/artist/3272225-Konstantin-Kazhev


''joão pedro martins'' (a.k.a. ''undogmatic'') from ''lisboa'', portugal, best known as a developer of dark, melancholic & atmospheric beats made under the influences of ''hip-hop'', ''trip-hop'', ''downtempo'', ''ambient'', ''dark ambient'', ''industrial'', ''dub'' or even ''e.b.m.''. here we present his latest ''downtempo / trip-hop / ambient / freestyle fusions'' masterclass, ''je suis charlie'' e.p., his best & the most prominent release by now, dedicated to all those killed in the ''charlie hebdo'' incident:

01. ''je suis charlie'' (e.p., 2015)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yaqnuslqxizzl7e/

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' options

links to this artist:

* http://www.undogmatic.net78.net/
* http://www.facebook.com/Undogmatic
* http://www.twitter.com/undogmatic1
* http://www.soundcloud.com/undogmatic
* http://www.undogmatic.bandcamp.com/
* http://www.discogs.com/artist/2801726-Undogmatic

bruno real

''bruno real'' (a.k.a. ''nu4ms'') from ''curitiba'', brasil, is a man involved in web design, digital marketing & some interesting music-making. so far (as far as we know...) he has released 8 official e.p.'s with couple of appearances on various compilations. what caught our eye (read: ears) is his brand new ''electronic / i.d.m. / advanced techno'' e.p. called ''aqamental apresenta aleatorio 1'', by our opinion, his foremost release by now:

01. ''aqamental apresenta aleatorio 1'' (e.p., 2014)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7sic680hihvn6c2/

links to this artist:

* http://www.brunoreal.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/brunoreal
* https://www.twitter.com/brunoreal
* http://www.soundcloud.com/brunoreal
* http://www.blab.com.br/
* http://www.myspace.com/nu4ms
* http://www.br.linkedin.com/in/brunoreal