''don't watch this film part 1'' (by eugenio lopez carlos)

should sleeper be awaken?

01. ''don't watch this film part 1'' (by eugenio lopez carlos, unknown year of production)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8xih55vdqr2qabo/

link to this film maker:

* http://www.dontwatchthisfilm.com


милен локтионов (a.k.a. ''lolipusher'', ''d.j. kasumi'', ''d.j. misty'', ''d.j. sailor moon'', ''d.x.m. krew'', ''error 1991'', ''freak bwoy'', ''fuko in da hood'', ''i cry when i think of past'', ''jellyfish in ice cream'', ''my meaningless exsistence'', ''mayushi'', ''waqs'') is an young ''breakcore'' artist from ''москва'', российская федерация. he started making beats relatively soon, in 2011, but he has already provided us with some interesting stuff from the ''breakcore'' department, like this one here:

01. ''why as soon as we became so close, we have to say goodbye?''
      (1-track single, unofficial release, 2014)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/50idzuax3mbu30u/

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' options

link to this artist:

* https://www.soundcloud.com/lolipusher


''josep maria soler'' (a.k.a. ''stahlfabrik'') is an ''electronic / experimental / post-industrial / ambient / minimal / trance'' artist hailing from ''barcelona'', spain. ''electronic'' music first came to him at the age of 12 when he made his first contact with that synthetic sound later known as ''techno pop''. hand in hand with projects like ''human league'', ''rheingold'', ''ultravox'' & ''cabaret voltaire'', he began to create his interest in synthesizers & the ''electronic'' music surroundings. over the years he has managed to cultivate a grand collection of record material which made him one of the most prominent collectors of ''electronic'' music in whole spain.
at the age of 20, he met another ''electronic'' music collector called ''jose manuel gonzalez'' & the meeting ended as collaboration on a project aimed at producing underground ''electronic'' music flavored with ''industrial'' sound of the 80's. nevertheless, strong in spirit but amateurs in using electronic equipment the duo didn't last too long. this led ''josep'' to devote himself to the study & exploration of all those sound kits & gadgets.
finally, in 2008, he began acquiring synthesizers & computers gradually, which ment the absolute availability of making those sounds which until then existed only in his mind or in some sketches created over the years. that's how ''stahlfabrik'' was born, first as a duo with his friend ''jesús díaz cordoba'', & later as a joseph's solo project.
the sound of ''stahlfabrik'' is now made mostly by analog synths & it's a virtualization of an apocalyptic world & its industrial environment, but not as a struggle but as the sound of the beholder.

01. ''en concert (barcelona, 28.12.2013)'' (2014)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9huiwaiybuuosvh/

links to this artist:

* https://www.facebook.com/josepmaria.soler
* https://soundcloud.com/stahlfabrik
* http://espaisnetlab.wordpress.com/stahlfabrik/

felix motto

today we're, yet again, dealing with an artist equally unknown to the real as to the cyber world... absolutely no info found, but one thing is for certain - he has created one superb piece of ''electronic / ambient / glitch''. definitely, one of the most interesting ''electronic'' releases of 2014, so far:

01. ''antiks'' (1-track single, 2014)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y1c260itg121k2c/

* note: comes in both ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' formats

manu shrine

from russia with love... ''manu shrine'' (real name unknown) from российская федерация & his memorable ''future garage / 2 step / deep garage / ambient'' masterpiece:

01. ''a view to manu shrine'' (e.p., compilation, unofficial release, 2014)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bbt64ini7f7y56x/

* note: comes in ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' formats

links to this artist:

* https://www.facebook.com/ManuShrine
* https://twitter.com/ManuShrine
* http://soundcloud.com/manushrine
* https://vk.com/manushrine
* http://manushrine.bandcamp.com/


remember this name well - ''loïc botté'' (a.k.a. ''l.h.b.'') from ''rennes'', france.
he started his musical journey in the late 90's with some ''hip-hop'' turntablism influenced by labels such as ''warp'' & ''ninja tune''. by the beginning of 21st century he became more interested in ''electronic'' music & ''drum & bass'', generally. as the years went by ''loïc'' decided it was time for him to start creating something on his very own so in 2008 he started with composing. however, due to not always carefree life, only in 2013 he has managed to devote himself to create something rather more seriously. that's how his brilliant ''late heavy bombardment'' album began to take shape.
it took him 3 months of commitment to finish it & finally on 3rd of july, 2014, it went out - beautifully crafted ''ambient'' driven ''i.d.m.'' with some ''post-industrial'' adulterant. surely, one of the best ''i.d.m.'' albums of the year...
impressed by what we heard we decided to contact mr. loïc & let him know how we felt about it. that's how our netlabel's second release began to breathe. mr. loïc's brand new 2-track ''electronic / i.d.m. / ambient'' e.p. called ''legend'' exclusively released here at ''roots.stop'' is now packed & ready to go up your stream:

01. ''legend'' (e.p., 2014)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ucwfbthtpob7y8k/

* note: comes in ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' formats

links to this artist:


''will freudenheim'' (a.k.a. ''swiftey''), a music maker from ''new york'', u.s. his styles are spanning from ''i.d.m.'', ''future garage'' & ''future beat'' to ''downtempo'', ''ambient'' & ''freestyle electronic''. not much info found about this artist, but ''roots.stop'' has found this - superb & outstanding:

01. ''about swiftey'' (e.p., unofficial release, 2013)

link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v5s3d367bx96lac/

* note: comes in ''mp3, 320kbps, cbr'' & ''flac, 24bit, no compression'' formats

links to this artist:

* https://www.facebook.com/swifteymusic
* https://soundcloud.com/swiftey